My Daughters 1st Birthday

Hi guys,

I’m finally getting around to posting about my daughters 1st birthday, it was literally so stressful! The only reason it was stressful is because I wanted to make it perfect for her. Even though she wouldn’t even remember it, I know I would, and I have a scrapbook that I’m creating to show my daughter, and I want to have picture perfect memories.

1st birthdays, everyone always says to not go big, but I couldn’t help myself! I didn’t make the decoration pinterest extreme (ya know what I mean) haha but I made it budget friendly, and it still looked nice.

My daughters theme was Fairy/mythical forest. What I wanted was to have kids running around with fairy wings, which I got the fairy wings from dollar tree. I ordered them online in units (meaning they sold them in boxes of 36) so in total it came out to $36. I also bought a unit of bubble wands and I believe came in a box of 24 for $24. Which is what you see in the crate above. (The crate was made for her babyshower by an aunt on her dads side)

The Jean letters were from Party City, and each letter was about $4-$6. The mushroom and the gnomes were $7 each at Walmart. The fairy lights and the vines were $15 off of Amazon. I bought tulle for a $1 a roll at Walmart to put inbetween the lights and the vine to give it more of a curtain effect. I used about 3 rolls. So basically decorations were less than $200 which regardless if you are trying to save money, make sure you start buying decoration months in advance, cause dropping $200 on the day of will be heartbreaking! Hahaha

At the end, these are the results! I adored it! The cake, my mom bought it, so I believe it was $50 since it wasnt decorated. My mom added the fairy dolls because I SPECIFICALLY SAID NO TINKERBELL. Haha everything fairy revolves around Tinkerbell, and this was not Tinkerbell themed. I didn’t do a desert table because I had tooooonnnnsss of food and I didn’t want to have tons of desert on top of it.

I recommend if you are doing small finger food then add small finger deserts. If you are going all out on food, then just leave it all food. They’ll satisfy they’re sweet tooth with cake!

Also, I loved the custom tees that I requested for my daughter and I. My shirt says “Fairy Mom” and Jeans is “Birthday Fairy” which was an easy outfit for the both of us. Being summer and my daughter was not feeling well, I didn’t want her in a tutu that would make her uncomfortable or have her changing in the middle of the party.

Hopefully, you all like this birthday theme, and can see that you can go big but also minimal and have it come out beautiful.

P.S. if my blogs are laying weird or grammer is weird. Bare with me. I’m blogging through my phone since my laptop broke. Which is another reason I don’t blog as much, but I’m trying TRYING to get back to it. It’s still difficult because I have a WALKER now, but during nap time or bedtime, I will try to write about my day to day mom duties and especially as a working mom.

Let me know what y’all think, and recommendations for next post, are always welcomed!

Xoxoxox till next time.

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