Where Have I Been

I have missed writing, oh so much, but the mom life has been really kicking my butt, plus being a working mom at that.

However, my daughter is already going to turn one, and I feel like I finally have a hang on this whole mom thing. I used to worry so much about minimal things, like going to the store and if my daughter has a tantrum, which now I really don’t care. My daughter is a baby and babies cry. I don’t understand the whole (rolling eyes at a baby cry) because that’s what children do. I’m lucky though, that my daughter has not had any outbursts. I know she is still young, but so far she’s been such a good baby! Sure everyday is a new day and I don’t know what to expect, but so far I’ve been able to handle everything thrown at me. Now that I’m more of a “veteran” in this mom thing, I know that when my daughter is down for a nap that I can try and type a new blog post.

I do appreciate my followers for baring with me and sticking around and to my new followers, thank you for enjoying my previous work that brought you to follow me. I really want to get back to my weekly posting.

My daughters birthday is next month and her entire party is DIY, so I’m excited to share that! I’ll also be posting more mommy things just because to be quite frank….I don’t spend that much money on makeup since I spend more money on my daughter or purchasing more home decor since I bought my home back in January and my home is basically empty. So I’ve been really busy!

Having my daughter has truly been a dream and I enjoy being a mom. Being her mom! My daughter is a gem of a person. The feeling you get knowing your a mom…it never gets old. Till this day, a year later, I’m amazed about how I’m not just Vanessa, but a mom. I get chills and I cry everyday because of how in love I am with each and every moment/day. (Yes, I’m that type of mom) LOL


XOXO Till the next post.

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