Easy Fall Makeup

Easy Makeup is the best type of makeup. Something that looks difficult, but really takes about 15 minutes to achieve! Especially for days where you wake up late for work, meeting up people in a couple of minutes, or just to get glammed but not wanting to spend hours on it.


If all the above sounds like you then perfect! This is a look for you!

I created this look by using the MannyMUA palette. Before anything, I love this palette! As you can tell, I use it regularly! The color that I love the most is the bottom left called Insomnia. It. Is. Gorgeous! Just look at how it shines! I literally have not found such a prettier color than this one.

Now the first three shades are not noticeable. I use them as transition colors for any look. The first one doesn’t even give off any color, but I use it so its easier to blend off any harsh colors. Then I just keep getting a bit darker. After I use the three light brown colors to get a clean blend-able lid, that’s when I go in with the red. If you don’t use transition colors or even try to blend. Your eye can tend to look harsh and your eyelid will look like a disaster zone with colors packed on. Rather than looking like soft hues that the sun gives off from afar. That’s the goal! So poetic! The fifth shade was what I used in my tear ducts to highlight. Highlighting the eyes helps the eyes look wider which is why I love using this technique.

For the eye liner part, if you have a difficult time creating the perfect wing, then doing a wing with concealer will make it easier for you. Black eyeliner especially liquid liner can be hard to master. You just keep making it thicker and thicker and even smudging your eye along the way. Now you have black spots and you have to wipe it away removing some of your makeup.

Concealer is already the same color as your skin color, maybe a little lighter, but it’ll be easier to manage. Even if you mess the shape of the wing, just add a little more eye-shadow, and try again till you get the desired line. Then put on one of your favorite eyelashes and VIOLA! You’re ready to hit the road in a fun and easy glam.


If you guys try this look let me know if it was easy for you! Xoxo

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