Prepping to Go Back to Work

I’m about to have a two month old in a week and I don’t know where the time went. I’ve spent eight weeks with my little one and now I just spent a week back at work. It kinda blows just because my daughter is now starting to coo and smile and I don’t want to miss a single moment! 😭 She’s also not crying as much when I bathe her or change her diaper, I’m sure shes getting use to it. Shes not getting used to the fact that night time is sleeping time, but I’m kinda glad just cause when I get home from work, I get to see her awake. It wasn’t an easy transition to get back to being a working human being since being off for a month can really change you completely. Well that was the case for me since I can be a bit of a workaholic.

So before I went back to work I pampered myself to help me physically and mentally get into the role of being a working mom. Since being home for, a little over a month, I didn’t sleep, do my hair, or even shave. So momma had to get a little freshening up. Lol

I started with coloring and cutting my hair. Since I got pregnant, I hadn’t dyed my hair, so from black it went to a dark reddish brown.20170819_163314 Since I hadn’t dyed my hair in months I thought why not incorporate a different color before dying it completely black. I got black with hues of bluish green. I loved it and my inner grunge came out haha

After that I got my eyebrows threaded which I dislike getting them done because I tend to breakout with wax or threading but they needed some tlc. I wanted to try the sugar wax since it suppose to be better for sensitive skin, so i’ll have to try that out!

Then came my nails. I painted my toes a bright color while my hands stayed a basic clean white tip. I got a pedicure and got the best foot treatment they offered so my feet can be smooth and pretty. TMI, but they removed so much dead skin!!!! I had them mask my whole foot in a clay treatment and lotions, I mean you name it!

I also got eyelash extensions. I’ve never got eyelash extensions and especially since they’re a bit expensive, but in the end; it saves you time! I’ve been waking up a little late that I end up having no time to actually put lashes on so I removed about 10 to 15 min from my routine. It also gave me a little more time to sleep and to spend with my daughter. Plus they feel so lightweight it’s like I don’t have anything on but I wake up looking good!


This is how my last month has been. Spending time with my daughter and prepping myself to being a working mom.


Also, you know what I cherish so much…Family time. I love my family. For example we were watching TV. Watching Bay Watch and my daughter was watching it. Well watching all the lights the TV gave off, but it was nice. Just being together in our cozy home.

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