Nice to meet ya

Hi, hello, nice to meet ya.

More like nice knowing ya.

Is it just me or do we see relationships like a foundation.

A home.

Knock knock

Hi, hello, nice to meet ya.

My first love walks in with piles of admirers chipping off his feet. He stays a while hanging frames of each admirer so I dont forget that im not the only one whos in love with him. Then he walks out the front door.

Nice knowing ya.

Knock knock

Next is a rebound walking in dripping wet of noncommiment. Even though I’m not commited, I still want YOU to be.

Hi hello nice to meet ya.

An ongoing process. Allowing different people in and out.

I’ve always believed that in a relationship a person should set a form of boundary. When that boundary is set. Then no one will leave.

If there is no boundary people will walk in with dirty feet staining my nice mopped floors with heartbreak.

You know?

That’s exactly how heartbreak feels. Like I spent hours mopping my tile floors. Using the finest products of time, patience, and forgiveness to make it look beautiful for whomever might come and see the art of me.

But you and you barge in with your dirt piled shoes, throwing heartshape likes to those fitness models. So when others come to visit, they look at me weirdly or in disgust because why haven’t I mopped the floor?

Now the next person gets a dirty house.

Knock knock

Hi, hello nice to meet ya.

Won’t you come in?

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