My Daughter is Here! Life Update

Hey everyone,

I haven’t posted in a while, but it’s been tough since I have my little one with me. My time is spent dabbing off baby barf and smelling my babies nasty farts lol. So when it comes to posting or even talking to other human beings my hands have been tied.

How’s being a new mom, you ask?

Well I had so many say that newborns are so easy! They are, in a sense. They do sleep most of the time, but they sleep on their time. Most nights your baby might or might not sleep and most times there not going to sleep.

I know were suppose to teach her the difference between day or night, but my little one here will not wake up or stay awake even if you play with her. Trying to make her smile? I dare you to try! Haha

Besides being sleep deprived, little one is already two weeks and I’m getting anxiety. I want her to be just a day old again and stay that way forever! If I’m like this now, can you imagine once shes turning 3 or 16! I. Can. Not.

However, Damian and I, bittersweat and all, we can’t wait for Jean to get older to see her personality grow and to show her the beauties of the world. At two weeks, we’re already noticing that she enjoys music and watching her dad play his games. So to see her grow and see her enjoyment will be lovely.

Well I wish I could stay longer to chat but Jeanie has a dirty diaper and its time for her to eat.

P.s. I may be biased but my baby is the cutest! Precious gem!



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