No Foundation Please. Pregnant and 120 degrees, NO THANKS!

I’m already 37 weeks pregnant and dilating, not only that, but here in Arizona it’s been around 100-120 degrees. Yeah… we’re literally baking over here!

I’m already uncomfortable as it is. My under boob sweats, under my belly, and my thighs…. The last thing I want to feel like it’s melting off; is my face…

(left: tinted moisturizer with regular makeup routine: middle: no makeup: right: just the tinted moisturizer)

*keep reading for products*

So since I work in an office and my skin isn’t 100% perfect I want to wear something that will give me the same effect as my regular foundation. I usually wear the Becca Foundation and it’s already light weight, but it’s still known as foundation and if I’m not wearing foundation, I want something that is going to give me coverage, but help my skin out. Foundation can really be damaging by clogging up pores, breaking you out, and taking your natural oils away from you.

That was the start of my hunt for something, anything, to give me exactly what I was looking for.

I was recommended Nars and Tarts BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizer. Seriously, the Tart one didn’t do s*&%$. I tested it on my face and it’s literally looked like I put on lotion. Basically nothing. I tried looking for the Nars one, but I couldn’t find it, so I went into the BareMinerals shop. They tested they’re product on me and I was sold on one product.

The Complexion Rescue.20170626_135608

The name itself makes you feel like your not pouring crap on your face that is damaging you, but something that is benefiting you. It’s tinted, hydrating, and it has SPF 30.


When they put the product on my face I saw that it really helped diminish my redness and cover some of my acne scars. It is sheer and light to medium coverage, but of course you can build it up, but I literally just use one layer of it because since its sheer it gives me a dewy look and I go over it with a tinted face powder.20170626_135841

I also really liked their tinted face powder because it doesn’t really change my color. Usually if you buy a tinted face powder you have to use a light hand because you can go from olive skin tone to a red brown mess! Not this one. I still use a light hand since you don’t need to pack it on.

If you’re on the search for a light makeup product that gives you more of a natural look for these summer heats, I really recommend these two products.

If you tried them out, what are your thoughts on it? xoxo


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