Must Have’s In a Pregnancy!

Being pregnant can be draining. In a literal sense, since your bundle of joy is taking energy and nutrients from you!

Its tough to try and get it all back, trust me. I’m anemic, dehydrated, and have low blood pressure because of a salt deficiency, and on top of all that I’m pregnant and get the other pregnancy symptoms. This is all normal, but I would rather not feel faint and almost pass out because of it all. Obviously your everyday essentials should be taking your prenatals and being active, but there are some essentials that you need to help your pregnancy be much easier.

So these are my essentials that are helping better my pregnancy day by day.

A Cup with a Straw:

Am I 10 again?! Lol But seriously getting a water bottle with a straw helps TONS. 20170423_123008I purchase regular plastic water bottles and just drink out of them and get another one when I’m finished, but I would only drink one or two, which is not enough!

I purchased this water bottle with a straw just a week ago and it’s been making me go to the bathroom every minute! Great! Because I’m drinking more than four of these bad boys because without thinking about it, I pick it up, and I’m drinking out of it.

Body Pillow:

A body pillow maybe even two! Cause I have two! Your body aches as the time goes by and that’s where you lose your sleep. You should get as much sleep as you can get, so getting these are a good investment. If my back isn’t against something I tend to sleep on my back which from what I’ve read its not healthy. Sleeping on your back can stop blood flow to the baby and whether its true or not I’d rather not risk it. So I put a body pillow on my back and I sleep with another in the front and make myself a little fortress of cushion for my body!

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks:

If you have low blood pressure or sugar, you need snacks! You don’t want to get to the point of fainting because its the worst feeling! So I make sure every morning I prepare my lunch so mainly tupperware is what you need here! Since you want to prepare snacks throughout the day, breakfast, or lunch. Snacks are best just because I work full time and I can just whip out some cookies, crackers, or chips to bring all that up.

Body Butter & Oil:

I rub my belly a lot. I cramp and rub and not even that, but your belly gets itchy and dry. That’s what causes stretch marks because your scratching, but I mean stretchmarks are inevitable. Some are lucky to get none, but for us few that do have them. 20170424_101641I like to you the Body Boost and Bio Oil, mixing these two products help out a lot. Mine use to be super red, but are now duller. So hopefully if I keep using them I am able to rid of them overall. I mix this body butter which is great because the one before (Palmer) had the cocoa butter but it didn’t have enough of a thick consistency. This one has been the best when it comes to being thick because you need a thick cream to keep yourself moisturized. Then I add the oil and boom I’m all lathered up and my skin doesn’t feel like its cracking. (Products are cruelty free)


These are quick must haves for pregnancy, hopefully they help you out during yours! xoxo

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