Second Trimester Quick Update!

Hi Guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but I’ve been swamped with work, errands, and just preparing for Jeans arrival.

Unlike my experience with my first trimester which was filled with throw up, stomach pains, and a constant sensation of nausea. My second trimester is much more easier. Some people aren’t so lucky and I desperately hoped I wasn’t those people because having that feeling throughout the pregnancy would of been the end of me!

Second trimester all I feel is her moving around, cramps here and there, and body aches. Which is bearable. She’s growing healthy and strong and that’s all I can really hope for. I try to be more active since I can and I should, I try to say yes to go out to places where I know I’ll be walking a lot and enjoying a little bit of sun because at times being pregnant all you want is to be home and relax. However, I heard if your not active enough throughout the pregnancy then labor last so much longer and I want this baby out in a jiffy!

We set up our registry, barely, but a month before our baby shower which gives people enough time to see that we need which is just about everything! First baby, so we don’t have any stuff! People have been kind and buying us stuff in advance like shoes, clothes, and little stuffed animals for her. We buy her little things as well! 20170326_113723Not only are we super busy, but we’re preparing ourselves to do a big move. We’re giving up our apartment to move into a house and were trying to see what were going to need and save, save, and save. Not just for the house, but to have everything ready for Jean.

Work is finally becoming stable enough for me to hopefully get back to the blog. My belly is also settling to its size. Meaning when I was in the first trimester I was already picking up a belly, but it was bloated and my body was changing to fit the baby. NOW I feel like its settling to the size it suppose to be being that I am 27 weeks. My belly measurement and baby measurement are right on mark, so I’m suppose to look like this! ahaha I just say that because all throughout my pregnancy and I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, “wow you’re huge to be so and so weeks” or “wow your already that big and you still have three months left!” *serious face emoji insert here* You would think people would know not to speak about weight to a woman especially a pregnant woman since that’s what your body suppose to do, but nope expect it!


The first two pictures are of me in the first trimester and the last two in my second trimester. So no worries! I’m sure you look great!

Not only that, but your belly is going to fluctuate a lot depending on what you ate, wear, and how you feel. So don’t stress. I did just cause its my first baby and I felt I was doing things wrong, but you can’t do things wrong if your baby is healthy and growing!

My next blog post should be about beauty or about the baby shower set up and theme! It’s basically going to be a DIY where we try and make everything ourselves! We’ll see how that goes!!

See ya! xoxo

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