Finding out I was Pregnant!

When I found out I was pregnant I wanted to scream and tell the whole world!

I’ve been wanting to be a mom since I was 18, I know crazy! I think it stemmed from my mother, who was a single mother working tons of hours, that I had to step up and help around the household becoming both my sisters basically “second mom”. However, I knew being pregnant at a young age wasn’t the best option for me at the time, so I obviously waited till it was the time for me.

I didn’t know that my time was going to be at the age of 21….. since I literally got divorced and was dating someone new, but the universe has a way of putting things into place because we’re both happy campers.

So since I was waiting to break the news until I knew for sure that my baby was healthy, I was healthy, and that timing was perfect for us. So while we waited to freely announce I wrote little diaries every week or so speaking about my experience. So here’s my first one:

*Disclaimer: I’m not going to edit my diary post like the one below because I want them to be raw and exactly what I felt at that time. So sorry in advance if my grammar is off* (even though my grammar at times is always off…..-_-)




Two weeks ago this woman found out that she has a little one on the way! I had no idea I was pregnant especially since on Halloween night I took a shot or two with Damian’s neighbors….. However, the baby is perfectly fine, but wow for the past three years I’ve been wanting a baby with my ex husband but under certain circumstances we decided to wait. Now, divorced, and in a new relationship, I’m pregnant.

I’m about 7 weeks pregnant and man I’ve got nausea bad, threw up a couple times, and have pregnancy brain. On top of that, I’m achy and my back hurts!! I’m just a couple weeks and I’m already feeling all the symptoms! Wish me luck!!

However I’m really excited! Damian and I are getting an apartment and we already put a holding fee on it and just waiting for the approval. I’m excited to move in with him because we get to be together since i feel uncomfortable and want to be home all day and it sucks when I go see Damian and I just want to leave. So Im happy that we’ll make a home together plus ill be able to get a little organized as well.

I stay on Pinterest looking at baby stuff. I can’t wait to meet my little one and see what type of personality he or she will have. 


End of Diary Post


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