Morphe Bronzed Mocha and Copper Palettes: Review & cruelty free???????

I received my Morphe palette about a week ago and I couldn’t be more excited. The brand makes such fantastic products and not only that they’re cruelty free. (from what I know)

I do my research when it comes to makeup before I buy to make sure they’re cruelty free and I’ve recently found out that if they sell to China they’re lying and do test on animals, so make sure if your trying to live a cruelty free life that you read about that!

I get my information from:

That’s where I see that Morphe is cruelty free but it looks like the brand is up for debates. So I try my best to check these type of sites often because brand tend to change.

In continuation:

I’ve bought a palette from Morphe before and that was the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette and I was obsessed with it when it first came out. Not only that, but Jaclyn Hill is one of my all time favorite Youtubers! Seeing that she recommended this palette among others I decided to actually hop on the train for this one to purchase especially since there was a deal going on. Buy these two palettes for only $40 which to me is a great deal seeing that most palettes itself go between $40-$60.

I’ve played with the palette and did some swatches with flash and without. So my thoughts?????

(No flash on left, flash on right)

The texture of the eye shadows feel nice, buttery, and creamy. They completely slide on the hand and lid. HOWEVER, some of the colors aren’t as pigmented as other. You can tell from my swatches that it looks not as pigmented as many other colors. When I tried using a transition color on my crease it literally looked as if I didn’t use anything on my crease, so basically I would have to use a different palette which sucks when this palette has TONS of great colors that you should be able to use each one for every need. That’s one thing I got disappointed in and something you guys should keep in mind if they decide to restock! Every color should be as pigmented as the next whether its for transition or base.

All in all, I kinda still go back to my Semi-Chocolate Bar from Tarte for my needs….. Which FYI, cruelty free!! ❤

Did anyone else buy it? Your thoughts on it?


    1. Hi!
      The milani primer isn’t my favorite primer. It really doesn’t do much for my skin which I have combination skin and right when I rub it on it makes me feel dry than anything else. If your looking for a primer, if I may suggest, I would recommend Porefessional in the high end side or Elf in the drugstore side. I actually really like Elf cause they have such a variety and THEY WORK for whatever you want to use it for. 🙂

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