Cruelty Free Makeup

As the world progresses, were becoming more aware of what the world actually is and many of us are taking a stand.

One controversial stand is many are turning vegetarian/vegan, but many don’t know where to start. Of course you can stop eating meat, but what else can you do?

How about avoiding products that have been tested on animals? A good way to fight the ugly side of animal testing is through the beauty products you choose. Many don’t realize that before hitting the shelves, their favorites eye liner or foundation was in a lab hurting a poor little critter. Some of you may not be aware that you’ve already bought cruelty free makeup, but if there’s a bunny on the back of your product then you’re making the vegan decision.


Even in high brand makeup there’s cruelty free options.

Here’s a few:

Too Faced

Makeup Geek

Urban Decay


Kat Von D

Bare Minerals

Dose of Color


and even the infamous Jeffree Star and Kylie Cosmetics have become vegan/cruelty free!

So next time you go to your local makeup store look at the labels and see if it’s bunny approved!





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