The Gadsden Hotel: The First Stop on our Haunted Hotel Exploring

When Damian and I first started dating we came up with this bucket list where we wanted to visit haunted hotels from different states, haunted areas, and just finding creepy places to visit. Become a Ghostbusters duo! I was suppose to record our adventures, but each time that we went out of town we tried putting down our phones and just enjoy the moment. Until now, I’ve actually been recording our trips from start to finish.

However, our first trip was The Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, Arizona, were from Arizona so it made sense to visit some of the haunted places here. We downloaded a list of all the places that were haunted and let me tell you the list was very long! We wanted to start off slow and move up in the scare scale when it came to these trips, making the Gadsden the first stop.

Backstory of Gadsden:

There isn’t really an actual backstory, like about a man roaming around the halls, more like since it’s so old it’s had so much history and certain situations its been said to be haunted. People tend to hear certain voices here and there and they’ve actually recorded some of them and posted them on their website. Other than that, that’s the only thing that makes it haunted. Which is still scary if you think about it, hearing voices in your room is creepy, but doesn’t break the scary factor.

So we set out towards Douglas after work to begin our weekend. It was a four hour drive that went by fast since we were still getting to know each other we had many things to speak about. On the dark road we happen to see many rabbits and deers! Which was cool since I’ve never actually seen a deer in person. After endless chatter that lasted four hours we arrived at our hotel.

The hotel from the outside looks very old. Very vintage. Very haunted. Haha. Once we go in I’m pretty surprised that it looked like a mansion inside. The stairwells, the lighting, and even the ceiling had gold hues on it. Around the entrance they had a restaurant, a bar, and gifts shops that went with the theme of a haunted hotel. They even had old vintage keys set up, but unfortunately they gave us basic keys, it would of been more fun to actually have an old skeleton type key. Going to our room the hallways were small, dime lightning, and an exit almost at every step that made it look like you were headed to the underworld.

Opening our room the setting matched the vintage style. the bedding was something you would find at your grandmas, mostly everything looked like you can find at your grandmas or at Goodwill. Very cute though! The only problem was that we had no A/C. Damian hates the heat, so it was unbearable for him. It’s more tolerable for me but it was the weekend it hit 120 degrees. This was actually the first time Damian and I spent the night together and to make matters worse I was dosing off and ended up farting on his hand making him wake up rapidly looking scared! His face was priceless! That was the only thing that was a bit haunting! Other than that, no ghost popped out or weird noises happened. After we woke up we actually just ate breakfast and headed home! Douglas is a small town that you can literally if you don’t pay attention can cross the border and head to Mexico or go on the freeway to head home. You can go down the streets and you see a couple homes, couple fast food joints, then the border! So we headed home since there wasn’t much exploring for us to do, but on our way we did stop at this garden type place to walk around and see like a small museum. It was nice!

If your thinking about hitting some haunted places, but want to dip your toes, and are in the area check out this hotel!



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