You’re Not Lost…

To understand have you envisioned what I’ve envisioned.

Do you see the illusion in the prism?

The eyes play out what the mind sets out.

So if your minds imprisoned.

Guess your next vision.

You’re not lost, it’s all an illusion.

Stay woke, cause your own mind is its own demolition.

“Finding Yourself” to feeling “Lost”

When it comes to finding yourself, I believe that you never will. I believe it to be a fictional phrase people say to explain a prison that they’ve set in their mind. People go on long journeys or even try to go on these risky life experiences to find themselves. However, in the end, you will never find yourself because who you are changes every minute, every hour, or even days, so how can you find yourself when you’re not the same person you were five minutes ago? The answer is, you won’t. That’s the first step in the road to happiness with your inner soul. Living in the moment. Loving the unknown of what life might bring you the next day and the person you might be.

People are fixated with the thought of being “lost” or the process of “finding yourself”.


Because they’ve hit this point in their life where everything is just going wrong and depression is a being this vicious monster sucking the energy out of them. In reality, its all a mental disease. You’re not lost! You’ve been with yourself this whole time, so how can you not know yourself? So even though we change every minute you’re AWARE of that change. You know when you change your taste in music, clothes, or even when you no longer enjoy your job. YOU KNOW. You are aware of why you’re even saying these types of phrases, just think about what triggered it.

So.. If you believe in the phrase of being lost or the process of finding yourself: In order for you to find happiness is to be okay with the fact that you won’t find yourself; ever.

Just love life completely.

Don’t make every problem that erupts in your life into the fact that, “Oh I’m just lost.” or when you’re feeling off, “Oh it’s cause I just need to find myself.”

Look deeper.

Hope that makes sense.


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